About Us

You are a hockey player. You've spent more hours on your skates than you can remember. Your drive and passion for the game is something your friends at school or work don't quite understand. A shot to the foot or a stick to the face is just another day at the rink. All that matters is one thing: You Love This Game. And so do we.
That is why we have brought you Identity, featuring the brand new, triple-pour Identity Krysis. The only true triple-pour wheel to hit the market in over ten years, the Krysis breaks the barrier of getting both PHENOMENAL speed and grip out of your wheels.
The World Cup is back and built to handle any situation or environment and we've re-vamped the Envy wheels with a better urethane to give you more grip and speed.
Then there's the all-new Pivot and Eclipse. The only US made wheels in their price point on the market. They have performance and durability at an unbeatable price.
You need a wheel that gives you what you need, when you need it. So whether you're a weekend warrior, a tournament guru, a house league fanatic or an outdoor specialist...we have a wheel built and priced just for you. Quality and Performance are what we're all about. It's time we proved it. 
From all of us here at Rink Rat, thank you for your support!