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Rink Rat Hockey

Rink Rat Hot Shot X Grip

Rink Rat Hot Shot X Grip

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  • The Hot Shot wheel is designed with Mtech technology that provides extreme grip, faster speed, and an ice-like feel that is ideal for indoor tile surfaces. The hardness of the wheel is a 82a and built with the premium iHub5 that gives optimum balance of weight, strength, and adhesive properties for a lighter weight as well as a higher rating on impact and crush testing.

    Pour: Dual

    Internal Component: Mtech

    Urethane: Pro Level

    Grip: 7.5/10

    Speed: 7.5/10

    Wear: 7.5/10

    Hub: iHub5 with Interlock

    Surface: Indoor & Outdoor depending on player's weight

    OK for painted, wood or other indoor type surfaces

    Do not use on concrete or abrasive surfaces

    Recommended Hardness Selection:

    76A (XXX) = 175 lbs and below

    78A (XX)= 175 lbs and above

    Hardness selection should be based on player weight and skating ability. A player can choose a wheel designated for a heavier skater if they have advanced skating skills to compress the wheel enough to grip. This will allow the player to maximize their speed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dominic Holland
Review on rink rat hot shot x grip

Honestly they are very underrated wheel for the price. They’re amazing. They do last very long time if you’re not hard on wheels or hockey stuff a lot but honestly, I really do miss these brand of wheels I used to have the hornet in yellow I think there were x grip I don’t really remember but one thing I do remember them lasting a long time and sad thing is they don’t make these rules anymore so they’re really hard to find and if you find them on roster, they don’t really have much of them I really do wish that you guys would make more of these ones because I would definitely buy them if you would make more because they are very good. I just wish there were more options as far as the hornet or the split hornet there’s not many options. The only wheel that I can think of that is decent in my opinion is the identities but overall I’m happy with my purchase I will make another purchase. I’ll buy more I hope in the near future you guys make more of those start making them again because I will definitely buy more and my OG skater I can say you did in the future revamp the line to make more I would definitely buy them


Extremely grippy once broken in, indoor and outdoors. They shred up pretty easily though, just gotta be nice to them


grip is ok

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